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You know you’ll need to clean and declutter, but what about making cosmetic updates?Investing in a new look for your home might be well worth the effort.Get more headboard design ideas Change the look of any room by adding chair rail, picture molding, crown molding or baseboard.To make it easy, ask the lumber yard or home improvement store to pre-cut all the pieces to size, just be sure to take accurate measurements.Zillow discovered that shades of cool blue spoke to these home buyers, and offered a semi-blank canvas for them to put their own spin on.A natural blue tone also looks best in listing photos and videos.When you’re done, you’ll have a complete floor plan with approximate wall lengths and floor area dimensions.Coolest feature: Works on complex room shapes (rooms with nooks or L-shapes) just as easily as rectangular rooms. Room Hints (Free) If you’ve ever wished you could quickly crowdsource decor advice, Room Hints is for you.

Today we're sharing more apps to test paint colors, but these are for your phone (or tablet)! What a wonderful holiday weekend, remembering those who have sacrificed for our American freedoms and starting the summer off right.And if one of your summer projects involves a new coat of paint for your walls — we can help!Learn how to install wainscoting New kitchen lighting or a new fixture over the dining table is sure to brighten up any holiday meal.Try one of these projects: Make a fabric-covered drum shade to match your decor.

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Invest in a new front door or paint your old one, it can dramatically change the look of your home and enhance curb appeal.

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