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The sovereigns were later killed in a fierce gun battle in a nearby Walmart parking lot.The West Memphis cop killings and the subsequent shootout put the sovereign citizen movement on the radar of many law enforcement officers, but there are still numerous officers who are not aware of the dangers presented by this philosophy and how to recognize its adherents.Understanding Sovereignty Crimes committed by sovereigns often include relatively minor offenses such as the manufacture of fraudulent license plates, registration cards, or currency.Below is an outline and explanation of the law around obtaining relief from the duty to register as a sex offender for juvenile offenders and adults.Striking registration is a time consuming process, so take the first step today and consult us sooner rather than later. RELIEF FROM THE DUTY TO REGISTER FOR JUVENILE SEX AND KIDNAPPING OFFENSESA.Who Can Petition under the Juvenile Statute for Relief from the Duty to Register as a Sex or Kidnapping Offender? RELIEF FROM THE DUTY TO REGISTER AS A SEX OR KIDNAPPING OFFENDER FOR JUVENILE OFFENSES.

They also believe that the only legitimate law enforcement officer is the elected sheriff.

Due to the number of calls we receive, we ask you fill out this questionnaire and we will respond to you by phone or email, generally within 48 hours.

If you appear to be a candidate for registration removal, we offer a free initial consultation in our offices to discuss your case and the fees to help you.

For the most part sovereigns and their beliefs were not a major concern for law enforcement until two years ago.

That's when two West Memphis, Ark., officers—Brandon Paudert and Bill Evans—were murdered by a father and son team of sovereigns during a drug interdiction traffic stop.

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