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Previously, Laetitia was 2 years in a relationship with the assistant of the film director Lorenzo Duarte.Casta was never married before, although the model has three children: a 13-year-old daughter Sahteene, an 8-year-old son Orlando and a 5-year-old baby-girl, Athena.Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning and Kirsten Dunst walked the red carpet at the premiere of their new film The Beguiled just hours after it was given rave reviews by critics at Cannes.The trio of co-stars were joined by Colin Farrell and director Sofia Coppola at the official launch of the Civil War-set thriller at the Grand Palais on Wednesday night.The makeshift family scrapes by, living one hustle at a time, until the discovery of...The famous model and actress Laetitia Casta is dating with Louis Garrel, the star from Bernardo Bertolucci’s movie “The Dreamers”.

Kidman, who has been promoting four separate projects at this year’s festival, wore her most striking outfit for her final film premiere.Living here has deeply affected me and my work.” Garrels has composed musical scores for several television shows and films, including the acclaimed Marc Havener short film And What Remains and the Fuel TV documentary Gum for my Boat.His song “Don’t Wait for Me” appeared in the CBS television series The Ghost Whisperer, with additional musical placements in Heart of a Soul Surfer (The Bethany Hamilton Story), surfing documentary Walking on Water, and CBS webisode Around the World For Free.Father, Philippe Garrel, the famous French director, repeatedly made a movies with a little boy.Mother, Brigitte Sy, is an actress and screenwriter, grandfather, Maurice Garrel, was also an actor. He is the nephew of the producer and actor Thierry Garrel and the godchild of actor Jean-Pierre Léaud. decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and try himself as a director.

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The Australian actress, 49, walked her fifth red carpet in a row having launched two other films and TV series, Top of the Lake.